Who We Are

VCARE InfoTech Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd. Is established by a team of qualified and experienced Techno commercial -. Our name, VCARE is taken from the word “V” which is the symbol of Success and “CARE, represent capability, honesty,  innovative and and integrate everywhere”. This  concepts clearly demonstrate our vision to deliver outstanding technology services in a way that  meet the customer expectation, customer satisfaction and demonstrate honesty and excellence in every way.

VCARE is a multi-disciplinary company provides solutions under ONE SHOP to organizations successfully leverage technology. We are dedicated to becoming the best provider of high-quality IT talent, managed services and consulting for businesses, in a manner that truly astonishes. We understand the need of organization, problems, and goals, and then pair them with our customized, targeted solutions. Working with customer, we can strengthen their business practices, manage projects, add technical staff, manage IT infrastructure, create software applications, and tap specialized phone and computing solutions.
We also provide IT, Mobility and Telecom Products, Design and manufacture Smart Wearable’s and believe in pursuing business through innovative technology solutions and services.

Our Mission

  1. Help organizations to solve their problem by redefining IT Infrastructure Management Services by Innovative and premium on-site information technology solutions and help customer to achieve their business objectives on reduce cost.

2. Assisting with the selection and design or building of technology solutions, in a manner that highlights innovation, mobility, agility, latest technology and best practices.

3. Efficiently and effectively managing IT infrastructure and assets so that they are latest technology, reliable, available and secured.

4. Providing skilled technical talent to augment the resource needs of IT projects.

5. Focus on long-lasting relationship with Customers & Business Partners at all levels.

6. Deliver the Commitment.

7. Prove our services by showing ROI (Return of Investment) through optimized, cost-effective solutions and services.

8. Monitor & Track, deliver and report on all the services that we deliver to our customers.



Our Vision

“VCARE” vision is to provide quality products & services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers. We firmly believe that our customers are the reason for our existence, and greatly respect the trust that they place in us. We grow through creativity and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning. Our vision is to build long term relationships with our customers. We strive towards delighting our customers at every opportunity through exceptional customer service. Our future looks bright as we continue developing a strong base of key customers and increasing the assets and investments of the company

Core Values

Our values include a sincere commitment to understand customers, customers business and align with their goals our own, empower employees to consistently deliver an unbeatable customer experience by we stand for honesty, fun, passion, entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork, focus and social responsibilities.


We are strong enough to be completely honest with ourselves, our clients and suppliers. We tell our clients when their preferred solution isn’t the most appropriate. We’ll be honest with our clients when our goods or services have been the cause of an issue. We will use this honesty to build strong and long lasting relationships with customers, suppliers and staff.

Having Fun

Be an excellent place to work, include building an environment and culture that truly respects the achievements of its team, and is professional, creative and effective.


Our team is passionate about winning, supporting and servicing our clients. Our passion is evident in our hard working, team based culture where we never let our customer down. We are passionate about exceeding our customers’ expectations by Developing Innovative IT solutions that show solid business value to our customers

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We will try what others won’t, can’t, or haven’t thought of. We’ll worry less about trying and failing, and more about just trying the impossible or unlikely. We’ll take calculated risks to win business, and use our imagination to design win/win deals with our clients, suppliers and staff. We’ll try something new or show flexibility in dealings with our clients. We motivate and Retain outstanding and customer focused employees


We bring integrity to every situation. We understand that the success of our business is based on the strength of the VCARE Team and that the needs of the individual team members is never more important than that of the Team. We understand that a strong Team is always more successful than talented individuals. We treat all Team members with respect and we honor the VCARE Code of Conduct. We will always act in the best interests of Team VCARE.


We are focused on results and understand the importance of aligning our effort to our Vision, Mission and Values. We ensure that the work we do on a daily basis leads us one step closer to our Vision

Social Responsibility

We fulfill our social responsibility by various ways and VCARE team is committed towards their social responsibilities.


Customer focused management, with an innovative approach which helps VCARE solutions exceed expectations, satisfaction, build trust with our customers, and foster a culture in which employees are naturally motivated to provide great service to its customers.